England Is the New Ruler of World Cricket

India (1983) and Australia (1987) have also been world champions once before. The England team was playing its fourth World Cup final. England has played the finals in 1987, 1979, and 1992 where defeat was the destiny of England. The New Zealand team also played a World Cup final in 2015, where Australia suffered a defeat, so the final was important for both teams who played the final before but could not finish with a win.

Why did England Win the Cricket World Cup Final:

New Zealand, apart from Nicholas 55 and Latham 47, did not show any good batting. Looking at England’s strong batting line-up and semi-final performance against Australia, it did not appear to be a difficult target but, at the same time New Zealand’s. Bowling also could not be ignored, which successfully defended almost the same target against India’s strong batting, and such a target of 241 became a nightmare for England. At one time England’s first four batsmen were out for 100 runs, it looked like New Zealand would win the match easily, but then Ben Stokes and Butler showed excellent batting and brought England very close to victory. England lost wickets after Butler was out, but Stokes stayed on one end. England needed 15 runs to win in the last over and had 2 wickets in hand.

Royalty on the Cricket Field:

In the presence of Stokes, the chances of a match were high in favor of England. Bolt took over from New Zealand. The first two balls could not get any runs, and now they were 15 runs off 4 balls. Stokes hit the alarm for New Zealand with a stunning six on the third ball. Four runs from the over, with 2 runs on the fourth ball, made it easy for the target England. Now they had 3 runs on 2 balls, and Strikes Stokes had it. But on the fifth ball, only 1 run and Adil was run out while taking the second run. The last ball required 2 runs. Stokes shot for 2 runs, but Woods was run out, taking the second run. In this way, the England team was out for 241 runs, and the match was tiered. The Stoics remained unbeaten on a superb 84-run stand

Chris Silverwood Brings More Homely Touch to England Cricket Team:

The innings would have ended automatically when two wickets fell. The batting team played first in the Super Over. Stokes and Butler headed to England to bat. New Zealand selected Bolt for the Super Over. Stokes and Butler added 15 runs in the Super Over. Incidentally, just as England needed 15 runs to win in the last over, New Zealand had to score 15 runs in the Super Over to win. From New Zealand, Neesham and Guptill came to bat, and England held Archer for the ball over. Archer threw the ball wide first, and on the next ball, Nesham scored two runs and threw the second ball out of bounds and sparked a wave of joy in the dressing room of Carnival.

Trevor Bayliss as Coach of the England Team:

Now New Zealand needed seven runs off four balls to win. The next two balls scored two runs. Now New Zealand had to score three runs on two balls. Now call it a happy coincidence that England too needed 3 runs to win the last two balls. On the fifth ball, Nesham took a single, and two runs on the last ball where New Zealand’s wicket. But Guptill was run out and took the second over at the last ball, and the Super over was also tied, but with more boundaries in the match, England won the final. England put up 26 boundaries in the match, while New Zealand scored 17 boundaries. In the history of cricket, it has not been possible to see good finals fans. Both teams played very good cricket. Obviously, one has to win, and the other has to lose. England was declared the winner of this World Cup, and New Zealand also lost.

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