Cricket Is On The Verge Of Collapse After The Economy!


The government of change has drowned the domestic economy, now our performance in the sports arena is undergoing a tsunami of change. An important match against the Netherlands for the Olympic Qualified Round of Hockey ended with one defeat and one defeat, Pakistan’s team, and their national sport that once held its place in the world.

All the honors we have now are the government’s non-interest in world rankings, lack of funds, corruption, politics, and the seventh place in the disappearance of hockey, Are hockey games that are extremely popular and popular at the level of schools, colleges, and universities in the 1980s. Ari used to be the player we used to be, and now we don’t get to see the game of hockey, Rakim himself has been a hockey player at school, college level, in the old times there was a lot of competition between football and fight schools.

Will Cricket Economy Recover:

The government donated funds to the educational institutions that a hockey nursery was flourishing, but since the patronage of the government started, the game of hockey started to disappear. Live or else we buried the coffin of the game of hockey. It is because of which we have lost two Twenty20 series and one Test series in the last few months, despite being number one in the World Twenty20 in the Twenty20 home series with players like Sri Lanka, by zero. After that, Australia suffered two zeroes, we lost a lot of experience to the Test matches, and against a strong team like Australia, and they faced the humiliation of domestic cricket by practicing. For the fifth time, Australia has won the Test series Whitewash.

What is the future of Cricket Economy?

The army of ministers, has battered domestic institutions, and he recently did national sports, especially hockey and cricket. He ended departmental cricket and made hundreds of cricketers unemployed; Misbah-ul-Haq, whose honesty, intelligence, and good yin captain and no one refuses to be a player, is forced to belittle him by abusing him and domestic cricket by placing him on three important cricketing posts. Man cannot do more than his ability. He should only be assigned a position and play hockey. Like grasshoppers to be restarted, sports grounds to be set up, funds to be allocated for schools, colleges, universities, hockey, cricket, and especially for corruption district sports officers and local level sports. It is not. In academia, we are playing cricket, hockey, and building teams.

Is Cricket Really Under Debt:

The style of couture training should be declared mandatory so that we continue to get players. Otherwise, there will be a time when we will not be ruled out in sports. In the game of cricket, we used to rule the world, Jahangir Khan, Jan Sher Khan. Who can forget, but we have lost our place in the game despite being in the world of so many big world champions. Recently Pakistan won the under-15 and under-17 titles in the Junior Squash Championship in Malaysia; Hajifa Ibrahim made the U-15 title while Arshad Irfan won the title in U-17. Now, these results show that the country. They have the talent of learning, need to promote and patronize them, start playing the game of squash to the grass root, activate their playgrounds, streets, and establishments, as well as play with politics and personal favorites.

How will Club Cricket Survive from Crisis:

To eradicate, the politics of politics has taken place in every sphere of the field. Sports are vital to the positive activities and physical development of the young generation in any country, and through sports, our country’s world. I have been known in the past. Unfortunately, we do not have any games that are available for us internationally. The recent cricket team’s visit to Australia has come under severe criticism. Pakistanis’ interest in sending a non-standard squad was not there. No Pakistani flag was seen in the fields. Opening up, we can get results by staying with the juniors and seniors.

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