Where is cricket now?

Mirza Detail bag has got the mood of wives and journalists. Wherever there is a chance, they first get curious and then sit down to doubt! Sometimes they suspect something in such a way that the secondary just keeps getting jealous! We have repeatedly felt that the conspiracy theory is probably Mirza’s invention!

After watching the cricket fever, Mirza Detail Bags have come under different doubts as per their habit. Wherever cricket is being discussed, Mirza immediately shrugs and ends his talk. After looking closely at the quarter-final stage at the Cricket World Cup, Mirza ruled that everything was fixed, namely the match-fixing boom. We strongly disagree with them. And why not? Mirza, however, appears to be on the verge of calling good cricket something. If a team is out on a low score, Mirza’s ears are up. If a bowler is hitting Mirza looks like he has eaten the money! If the batsman is hit or missed, Mirza does not delay to put him in the bowler’s malpractice account! If a wicketkeeper leaves his catch because of his inability, then Mirza does not hesitate to link him to the bookies! Even the bookkeeper will wonder what people put in their account!

“What does cricket have to do with perfume?”

When teams from Pakistan and India reach the semi-finals of the world, Mirza also joined the entire nation, namely unemployment, corruption, Iqbal’s, poverty, inflation, drone strikes, Raymond’s release, Aafia’s arrest and all other national issues. Just started diving into the sea of ​​cricket. We were appalled to see their respite from cricket. Cricket is such a thing that even the interested ones do not know what to think!

Mirza himself explained the reason for his growing interest in cricket. He says that perfume is being taken from cricket! We are also friends of Mirza, but where do they get their mind? Weirdly we asked them,

Who can play the role of perfume more than cricket in protecting against the hoax of cash? “

Mirza graciously explained, “Our whole life is buried. What is the problem that did not rot? From which rotten body of a substance is not awake? In this case perfume itself will be used.

We have been playing cricket since childhood, so when someone brings a bug to our favorite game or describes it as something other than a game, it feels like a fire! Naturally, we disagreed with Mirza. And we acted with courage. What happened again, Mirza so burst “You too are strong, two and four believer. Leave this calculation. New era, everything has changed. Who can stop cricket from changing? You are happy to see a Yorker on screen and people are using cricket as a Yorker! ”

We are millions of talented but not in the sense of Mirza, so his words were passing through our heads. Being more kind to us, Mirza explained, “Brother, the thing is that many problems in the waste bin of the situation are causing the burst. The nation is holding a napkin on the nose in a world of trouble. In such a case, if a little bit of cricket is sprayed, what is the harm, the shroud will be suppressed for a few weeks or months Anyway, under the burden of cricket, a lot has been suppressed. The nation has kept cricket and cricketers on its head. ”

What would happen to cricket?

Will people forget all their grief, all problems? Cricket fever is just boiling over. When cricket is sitting around, people will start to remember everything again. Mirza said with a great deal of compassion on our heads, “Shake your mind and let something enter into it.” Servants of Allah! When people suffer from cricket fever, many chronic diseases will be forgotten for some time. Well, the whole nation remained boom for two to four months during the cycle of “boom boom cricket” and during that time the government had no problem passing the budget straight! “

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