Cricket World Cup History

The world’s first international cricket match was played between Canada and the United States on September 24 and 25, 1844. However, the first regular test match was played between Australia and England in 1877. Initially only two countries, Australia and England, had test status, but in 1889 the South African team also joined the Test playing countries.

Following the success of a one-day competition at the county level in England, the people of the ICC started thinking about holding one-day competitions on an international level. In the next test match the game was affected by rain.

First Cricket World Cup

The first Cricket World Cup was held in 1975 which was hosted by England and this was the season of England which was perfect for successfully running and completing a major event.

8 World Cup teams participated in the first World Cup, including Pakistan, Australia, England, West Indies, India and New Zealand (at the time these six teams had test status), as well as Sri Lanka and one team. Consisted of East African players.

Second Cricket World Cup

The second World Cup was held in 1979. The ICC Trophy competitions were organized in this World Cup to select teams for the World Cup who did not have test status and as a result Sri Lanka and Canada were selected.

Third Cricket World Cup

The third World Cup was held in 1983 and was hosted by England. This was the third consecutive tournament hosted by England. And during that time the Sri Lankan cricket team had achieved test status. Zimbabwe’s team reached the World Cup through the ICC Trophy.

Fourth Cricket World Cup

The fourth World Cup was held in 1987. The co-founder of the tournament came together in Pakistan and India. It was the first time that the World Cup was being held outside England.

Fifth Cricket World Cup

The Fifth World Cup was jointly held in Australia and New Zealand in 1992. There have been many changes since this World Cup. One introduced a colored uniform instead of white, the other used a white ball instead of red, and the third change was that day and night matches were held. This was the World Cup Pakistan won. Pakistan beat England by 22 runs in the final.

Sixth Cricket World Cup

The sixth World Cup was held in 1996 and this time also the World Cup was hosted in Asia and this time the hosts included Sri Lanka along with Pakistan and India. It was won by Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka won their first World Cup by beating Australia by 7 wickets in the final.

Seventh Cricket World Cup

The Seventh World Cup was held in 1999. The World Cup was hosted in England but some of the World Cup matches took place in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Netherlands. This World Cup was won by Australia. A total of 12 teams participated in this World Cup. Australia beat Pakistan by 8 wickets in the final.

Eighth Cricket World Cup

The eighth Cricket World Cup was played in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya from February 9 to March 24, 2003. It was the first host of any World Cup tournament in Africa.

Ninth Cricket World Cup

The Ninth World Cup was played in the West Indies from March 13 to April 28, 2007. 16 teams joined the tournament and played 51 matches in total.

Tenth Cricket World Cup

The 10th Cricket World Cup will be played in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh from 19 February to 02 April 2011. Pakistan was included in the hosts of the World Cup 2011, 14 matches of this World Cup were played in Pakistan, including a semi-final.

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