The second most played sport in the world … Volleyball

Volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world, number one in football. The game is also played in the rural and urban areas of the world, including those countries where the game has not received official patronage but the public has access to it and the street children there play with it. There are two teams, each team consisting of three players, and the competition is decided on a points-by-point basis. Starting in the United States, the game is especially popular in Pakistan and India, while Pakistan has been its Asian champion in 1958. The following are some interesting facts of this game.

Olympic Games

The volleyball game was illuminated by William G. Morgan in 1895 in “Holyoke Massachusetts”, USA. In his view, basketball was a very demanding and violent game, compared to which the game of volleyball is played decently.

The first volleyball match was played at Springfield College USA on July 7, 1896. In this sense, the history of the game is 121 years old. For the sixties it was merely a regional level sport but it was officially incorporated and introduced globally at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964.

The gold medalist who won the gold at the 1984 Olympic Games also won a gold medal for the second time at the South Korean Olympic Games.

The game was held in 1996, between two people. The unique feature of this game is that it allows players 300 times to throw the ball in the second half, which is amazing. The men’s first world championship of volleyball was held in 1949 and the women’s world championship was held in 1952. Some of the features in this game are derived from the game of tennis and handball.

The first beach volleyball match was played between two players in the 1930s. The first ball specially made for this game was made in 1900.

The longest volleyball game was played in Kingston North Carolina, which lasted 75 hours 30 minutes.

First Name of This Game

At the time of the invention of the game of volleyball it was named “Minnetonet”. A few years later, a match was taking place, with its inventor Morgan listening to the game’s observers say that players were “doing the ring” to throw each other back and forth from the top of the net. He liked the word so much that he changed the name from “Minnetonet” to “volleyball.”

The Professional Beach Volleyball Tournament was held in 1976 at the “Olympic World Championship of Volleyball” at “Will Roger State Beach”.

Olympics in Paris

The International Federation of Volleyball Federation (FIVB) was established in 1947, after which the sport was counted in international sports.

For the first time at the Paris Olympics in 1924, the game of volleyball was also included as an “unofficial” sport. From then until 1964, the Olympic Games were included as non-official sports. In 1964, volleyball teams officially participated. Volleyball is the only Olympic sport that players are allowed to wear.

The game of volleyball is really an indoor game. In 1920 the beach volleyball game was held on the California coast.

Olympics in America

The first volleyball team was formed in America in 1928 and the first national championship was held in the United States that year. For the first time in 1930, a beach volleyball competition was held in Sana Monica.

In 1947, the Federation of International de Volleyball set the rules for the men’s volleyball team, after which the World Championships of the sport were held. The World Association of Volleyball Players was established in 1983, the Association of Volleyball Players. In 1996, players were awarded the medal for the first time in beach volleyball on the coast of Atlanta.

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