One Wheeling … A suicide game

One-wheeling’s suicide game is played not only in major cities but also in villages and towns. It is not a matter of bravery, it is akin to inviting his death, but I will call it suicide because he deliberately demonstrated it. In order to impress others, but on the contrary, the viewer will also call this game a game of foolishness, a game in which you have nothing to gain, and death by falling upon God, or a lifelong disability. It is good to stay away from the game than to become a rogue. Police are doing their job. One who appears to be whaling is arrested. Suicide games are often played on festive occasions such as special festival or celebration of independence. But it is not a game of mourning but a death. The dying goes away but leaves a mountain of sadness behind for their parents. The grief that can hardly go away from a parent’s heart is that if you love your parents, stay away from this bloody game because how many lives this game has swallowed, if it is not overcome, more lives will be lost. The police deal with it strictly so that no one will play such a game again. The biggest responsibility of the parents is to keep an eye on their children. That he is not the victim of an accident that ends at death.

One-Wheeling… the Game of Blood

Mostly parents also urge you not to give your eighteen-year-old a motorbike nor allow him to do one-wheeling if you find out that your liver shows one-wheeling performance on a motorbike. Please stop it or take a bike from it. Because God willingly happens if most unhappy event happens, most parents are worried and this tragedy becomes a lifelong disease. If they are not their own, then at least they should at least take care of their parents and refrain from this suicide game and show them the kind of friends that Also ban this bloody game.

Who is responsible?

We often see on the street that young children are riding a motorcycle and their mother or other loved one is sitting behind them. Now it is not the fault of law enforcement. It is the parents’ fault and if such a mistake can be costly in life, I urge parents to put an eye on their children. Now the police are strictly following the law and many arrests have been made in this city in Lahore. That this is a death game motorbike is a dangerous ride on two wheels and it is foolishness to drive it on one wheel.

Speeding a motorbike can also be dangerous as it is an open ride and if the Godsender falls down, somehow the bone becomes fractured so try not to run at more than 40 speed. It is guaranteed to protect your life and to speed up death.

Licenses Should Be Issue to Youth

My government appeals that the licenses of the youth of this bloody sport be revoked and they should be severely punished and fined so that they do not become part of such bloody sport again. The traffic police stopped the motorbikes of such youths. Parents should be warned once and if they do it again, then the father should be put in jail so that no one can play the game again. My appeal to the young people is to stay away from this bloody game and live their lives.

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