Disabled Players of the World

The achievements of ordinary players go through our eyes on a daily basis, but there are also players in the world who are counted as “special people”. Many of them are also doing well by participating in various sports. The list of players with disabilities is quite long, but the following is a list of a few players who are considered readers, including three Pakistani players.

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Born in Karachi in 1965, Salim Karim, a cricketer, belongs to the business family, he is also a business man. His right leg was congenital paralysis. His physical disability to get in the way of his hobby and continued to participate in cricket matches with the help of a prosthetic leg. Unfortunately the left leg was also disabled in a motorcycle accident. His passion for playing cricket did not fade even after the warmth of the leg, but in his mind a new imagination was born. Together with his late colleague, first-class cricketer and Pakistan Cricket Board match officer, Amiruddin Ansari, he started discussing the creation of a cricket team consisting of players with physical disabilities. After some time, Muhammad Nizam, a player of Pakistan’s domestic cricket team, also joined the mission to make his dream a reality.

Zahra blessings

Zahra Nomati, a disabled player in Iran, has revealed the name of her country without putting her physical disability in jeopardy. Zahra was born on April 30, 1985 in the Iranian city of Kerman. Shortly after birth, their parents moved to Tehran. Zahra was passionately fond of martial arts; she made a place on the Iranian national team after receiving a “black belt” in the Thai condom. Wanted, but when she turned 18 in 2003, both of her legs were broken in a car accident, but her dream of becoming an Olympic champion in martial arts remained unfulfilled but she did not give up.

Baxter Humble

Baxter Hamby, the well-known Canadian kick boxer nicknamed “One Arm Bandit”, was born in 1972. On the second birth, his right-handed nerves were dead, which caused doctors to cut his hands until he could get out. Baxter has been involved in various sports since childhood. Started learning martial arts at the age of 11 and mastered it in a short time. Participated in Canadian Paralympic National Track Team competitions in 1992 and 1994.

Chelsea MacClaimer

Chelsea MacClemmer was quite healthy at the age of 6. One day, when crossing the Chelsea Road, Carrick was injured in the collision, which affected his spine, causing his lower torso to paralyze but his disability to his personality. Don’t let the override happen. She participates in wheelchair tennis, basketball and track racing.

Melissa Stockwell

A former US military officer born in Michigan in 1980, two-time Paralympian and world champion, Melissa Stockwell was fond of Piracci, a young student, and also participated in the sport. After graduating from Colorado University in 2001, he served in the Army and was posted as a Transportation Officer in the Army Corps in Virginia. In 2004, he was promoted to First Lieutenant and sent to Iraq, where a bomb planted on a Baghdad roadside bomb while patrolling with a military convoy was passing by. His life was saved in the blast, but his left leg flew over the knee. She remained in the Iraqi hospital for several months. He was discharged from military service.

Tatiana McFadden

Tatiana McFadden, who won 17 medals at the Paralympics Games, was born in 1989 in the Soviet Union city of Leningrad. She suffered from a spinal disease called “spina bifida” from birth and was diagnosed with sepsis. Unhealthy, which will allow her to survive for only a few days and, if left unattended, can only move on a wheelchair. Her mother was a poor woman, unable to cure her daughter and buy a wheelchair.

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